An American Village - A Feature Length Documentary

A small vintage community in Raleigh, North Carolina facing the changing times...AN AMERICAN VILLAGE documents five individuals as their vintage and antique community is uprooted by a government project. After spending almost a decade together, this film explores their relationships, love of antiques, and their fears of the future in the small business world. The director also explores the age-old law the government uses to take away the property of civilians, and why it needs to be updated.

AN AMERICAN VILLAGE - A feature length documentary directed, filmed, photographed, produced, and edited by Jason Grim. A GoPro Hero 7 was used to film most of this documentary, to enable a look of intimacy for the subjects and their village.

Filming started in early September and ended late December. 

Originally, I was only going to document the villagers for about two weeks, but once things got rolling I realized I needed to follow through all the way to the end.

The film explores government interference from a small business perspective, but also shows the hardships small businesses face in an ever changing world. 

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